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It's Thursday, which means one more day until the weekend and I can relax. I'm actually going to be doing quite a bit of relaxing this weekend, because I'm also taking Monday and Tuesday off. Why, you ask? Because I have some vacation time off I need to use, and because this time of year tends to be slow, anyway, so I figured I might as well just stay home. I would say I'm having a "staycation" (when you take a vacation at home) but I actually do have some stuff to do, although I will be relaxing in the mornings. I plan on sleeping in every day. I always sleep in on the weekends anyway, but I'll get to sleep in on Monday and Tuesday, too.

Have you ever noticed that it always feels kinda different to sleep in on a work day? It's like it feels wrong because you're in such a habit of going to work. And if you watch TV in the morning, you see shows on that you don't usually see, which also feels weird. And if you go to the store it's all empty because everyone else is at work. It's weird.

But it's also kinda nice because you can just do whatever you want, and that's what I'm planning on doing. I have to run to the post office and mail a bunch of stuff, and normally I can only do that on a break at work because they close at 5 which is when I get off work, so I can't go there after work. I'm gonna spend most of the day on Saturday I think looking at auto insurance quotes to see what sort of deals I can find. I just got a new car not too long ago and I want to see if I can get a better deal.

I'm also going to watch the entire Firefly series. I love that show and agree with everyone who says it shouldn't have been canceled. I just got the entire series on DVD, so I'm going watch the entire thing (probably in one day). I'm a sci fi nerd like that. I can't help it. I also love Star Wars and have the entire movie collection on DVD, which I borrowed from my sister years ago and haven't given back yet!

So I'll be back in the office on Wednesday and will be ready to get back to work, hopefully. I'm usually pretty good about being a good employee but sometimes I tend to get distracted by the internet. I do always eventually get all my work done, though.

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